Project and Programme Management

Transformation initiatives involve many moving parts and too many lose their way or fail completely.  Set up for success with sound foundations and the appropriate “project machinery” of management, controls and governance.

Coordinating activities to deliver organisational change, facilities, recruitment, training, new systems and processes to come together in a one-off event to meet strategic goals is a considerable management challenge. It is a very different problem to managing and improving business as usual and specialist Project and Programme Management PPM methods like Prince and MSP have been developed as a guide on best practice. Too often these guides have been applied literally rather than in the context of the organisation and PPM is associated with stale, bureaucratic stage-gate processes that often looked more like a barrier to change than processes to drive the generation of value.

As pressure builds on organisations to deliver change faster, they have turned to Agile methods of delivery. Agile addresses a lot of the issues of traditional waterfall-style delivery, particularly when developing and enhancing a product or process. There is a lot can be benefited by applying the principles of Agile and Lean but there are areas such as procurement, organisational change where contractual, legal and compliance issues make it difficult to apply meaningfully.

While much of a business transformation can and should be delivered using Agile methods, it is still going to require project management capability to co-ordinate activities across delivery pipelines and suppliers and engage with a wide range of stakeholders to ensure there is sufficient funding and keep the programme on track to meet its strategic aim and benefits.

We bring extensive expertise on PPM best practice and real world experience of successes and failures mobilising, managing and recovering programmes across Agile and waterfall. There is no right way, but we can quickly understand your business landscape and draw from our experience and improve the way you manage your business projects and programmes.