Business Change

Getting people to adopt change isn’t easy. Take them on the journey. Make the case for change, communicate and consult with them, describe how the changes will impact them and provide support to individuals through the transition.

Getting people to change is difficult. While there are some that welcome and may actively seek change, change is more commonly seen as a threat by individuals. This is especially true if the change seen as being done “to them” or creates uncertainty of anxiety. Even those most experienced in change, such as Project Managers struggle with change when it applies to how they go about their work.

Over 20 years ago, organisational behavioural experts Kenneth Thompson and Fred Luthans noted that a person’s reaction to organisational change “can be so excessive and immediate, that some researchers have suggested it may be easier to start a completely new organisation than to try to change an existing one.” Neuroscientists have studied how the brain reacts to change and what triggers these reactions.

Research and experience from change programmes has identified four key levers for making change stick in organisations;

  • Leaders who share an aligned vision and lead from the front through their own behaviours as role-models.
  • A clear rationale for the change, what it means to individuals and their accountability to apply the change.
  • Support, resources, skills, tools and facilities to enable people to contribute and make a success of the change.
  • Performance measures, reporting and incentives that reinforce the change and demonstrate how progress is being made.

Our change framework applies proven tools and techniques to operate those change levers, from stakeholder mapping to business readiness and transition management.